Politicians against Schreurs’ culture plans

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Eindhoven politicians are not in favour of the plans alderman Schreurs has for the cultural sector.

The PvdA, GroenLinks, CDA and the SP have rejected the plans. The VVD and LPF have considerable doubts. Only the coalition party D66 supports the alderman.

Schreurs wants to make the cultural sector more flexible with the plan. Organizations would get less money in the long term. They would have to prove themselves every year in order to receive subsidies for the following year. As a result of this, money would be saved and the cultural budget can be used for occasional projects and innovative art. Presently that is not possible, according to the alderman.

The majority of the parties in the council are concerned that many cultural organizations will throw in the towel if they can no longer rely on fixed subsidies. The parties are also of an opinion that it is very poor that there is no consensus in the cultural sector for the plans. Cultural Organization Heads have previously expressed strong criticism.

GroenLinks and the PvdA will look further into this to find a better proposal. The council will discuss this anew next month.

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