Commencement ‘NL Doet’

About 200 Rabobank Eindhoven – Veldhoven employees are going to take part in the National Volunteer Campaign ‘Nederland Doet’, (Netherlands Does).

‘Netherlands Does’ will take place on 15 and 16 March. On this day, volunteers throughout the whole country will do many an odd job. Last year 300,000 volunteers took part, doing a total of 7000 jobs.The Rabobank employees help throughout the city. For example, there were people helping out today in the ‘Spilcentrum Boschdijk’ with afterschool activities. The rest of the week they are going to cook for formerly homeless people, trim beech trees at ‘t Wasven in Tongelre, and accompany the elderly at Strijp S.The campaign Netherlands Does actually commences this coming weekend, but because the Rabobank believes it is such an important initiative, volunteers have already begun and will continue throughout the week.

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