Couscous meal in Helmond for a better understanding

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

HELMOND – She is aware that her initiative is quite idealistic. Sobiha Haddou, along with some other people from Helmond, is organizing a ‘Friday evening couscous’, where she takes Rotterdam as an example. The ‘couscous evening’ is all about sharing a meal and getting a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures: In order to ‘connect people and have a good conversation about people and society’.

The first couscous evening will be held on the 24th of August, from 17:30hrs on, in Helmond’s community center De Fonkel. The organisers  are aiming to turn it into a recurring event, just like in Rotterdam, where association Marokkanenbrug started the meals. They intend to develop these meals throughout the country. Haddou took the initiative in Helmond, where she was born. She is of Moroccan descent and finds that people have a negative image of Moroccans. “They may find me idealistic, but I say: every little bit counts. If only two people change their minds that evening, it is a success. If people stick to their views, that is okay, but they do so with full knowledge of the facts”, says Haddou. Source: Eindhovens Dagblad

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