12 months in jail for Eindhoven crook

Tuesday, 17 August 2012
BREDA – The Breda Court sentenced a 60-year-old man from Eindhoven to a 12 month jail term for fraud. During eight months, he plundered the bank account of a Breda woman who offered him a place to stay based on false pretenses. Besides staying in jail for twelve month, the man also has to repay the woman 12,000 Euros.

The man was already sentenced for fraud three times in the past. He would meet vulnerable women through dating sites and then tell them he was no longer able to stay in his home. In some cases, the women would offer him a place to stay. He used the same excuse with the woman from Breda.During his stay at her house, he paid for groceries with her bank card several times. He plundered her bank account and also ordered furniture and a car. He kept the bank statements from her during eight months. The woman reported him when she discovered the fraud.He also has to repay thousands of Euros to the companies where he ordered the furniture and the car.Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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