With the Weed Pass comes trafficking on the streets again

Monday, April 23, 2012

EINDHOVEN – According to the findings of a study by Omroep Brabant, Brabant residents are afraid of public nuisances and illegal trading after the introduction of the Weed Pass.

Three quarters of Brabant residents fear disturbances after the introduction of the Weed Pass.From May 1 you can not just walk into a coffee shop to purchase a joint. You will only be allowed to make a purchase if you are a member of the coffee shop and the owner of a Weed Pass.Half of the Brabant coffee shops are not going to have Weed Pass applications, previous research has shown, especially because privacy is a major issue for coffee shop visitors. Most are therefore planning to return to the streets to buy their drugs.”With the advent of the Weed Pass come thousands of small-scale dealers,” said lawyer Andre Beckers of the ‘joint coffeeshop owners’ last week during a brief court case in The Hague.The Weed Pass should also lead to less tourists in the coffee shops of North Brabant. The average Dutchman, however, doubts whether that will happen. About 42 percent think so, but half the people surveyed expected that most tourists street will be buying soft drugs on the street. Some 68 percent think that the crime in the area will increase.Source: Omroep Brabant






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