Unrest in Vaartbroek makes residents feel threatened

Picture courtesy: Unsplah. Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

Cameras should help reduce the nuisance caused by young people in the Amandelpark in the Woensel neighborhood of Vaartbroek. While most residents welcome the cameras, there are also doubts being raised. They will remain in place until at least January 3. 

Following recent unrest, the city council decided to use surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood. According to the police, local residents are experiencing nuisance and feel unsafe. However, the residents have mixed reactions.

“I don’t experience any nuisance at all,” says a dog owner. “I think those cameras are there to monitor us rather than make us feel safe.” On the other hand, an older woman who walks nearby likes it. “There are a lot of young people here, and it is understandable that they are bored, especially with corona. But they do cause nuisance and make us feel threatened,” she says. The cameras in the park make her feel safer.

A local resident has noticed an increase in nuisance, especially in the past year. “My neighbours had fireworks thrown at them which also caused damage to my garden”. According to him, it would be fine to install these cameras, but in limited locations. This way, people’s privacy is also respected.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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