Eindhoven residents are divided about New Year’s resolutions

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Eat healthier, exercise more, and stop smoking. These are the most common answers to the annually recurring question about what intentions Eindhoven residents have. More and more answers are coming in about getting more rest and spending time with friends

Intentions. You’ve got to love them. Some swear by them and others think they are useless. The inhabitants of Eindhoven are strongly divided on this subject. One has a long list, the other is still working on the one from two years ago. Yet most people do think about it. A passer-by explains: “I have no specific intentions, but more goals for myself. I want to go on holiday with friends more this year because that is fun. I also want to take steps in my career.”

Sporty Year

In addition to innovative intentions and perspectives, losing weight and taking more exercise are still goals that come up a lot. They notice this every year at the GymTown gym in Eindhoven. Owner Patrick van Tuijl is already preparing for this in the last months of the year. “In the middle of December, we see registrations skyrocket. We work by appointment, so people have to sign up for a lesson. They are a lot fuller in January and February than before”.

Whether the hall is also as full in the months that follow remains to be seen. Many of the shoppers in Eindhoven don’t even start coming up with good intentions. “I come up with a few goals every year and I never reach a single one. This year I just skip them”, someone says, laughing.

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