Labour market across sectors continues to face staff shortages

Jobs impacted due to Corona crisis
Photo credit: UWV Eindhoven, Studio040

The labour market in the Southeast Brabant region continues to be overwhelmed. According to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), there are 5.6 vacancies per job seeker. This rises three-fold in the Information and Communication (ICT) division, whereby an applicant can choose from 16 vacancies. 

Construction activities focusing on energy transition create an enormous demand for workers. Millions of existing houses and buildings need adaptation to the new standards requiring lowered CO2 emissions. The work mainly requires technical professionals, such as insulation and solar panel handlers, heat networks and energy performance consultants.

The ageing population also plays a role, according to the UWV. People over 60 are actively employed in the industry, healthcare, education and public administration. “In Southeast Brabant, this concerns 9 per cent (21,000 people) of the working population,” says the UWV. The labour market is therefore expected to remain tight in the coming quarters.

Pandemic and The war
Obviously, external developments also play a role. The most notable events have been the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the UVW, “We don’t yet the exact consequences of these events. The shortage may level off due to bankruptcies, layoffs and outflow from temporary employment contracts. But employers will continue to struggle with personnel shortages in the coming period”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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