Aa en Maas bans water extraction in streams

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Water board Aa en Maas on Wednesday imposed a withdrawal ban for surface water for part of the area. No more water may be taken from ditches and streams to irrigate agricultural land or grass and other purposes. In this way the Aa en Maas intervenes over the drought.

In the area covered by the water board, there are large differences in the groundwater level and in the amount of water in ditches and streams. South of Helmond there was much less rain this year than in the rest of the area.

The water board supplies as much water as possible via the Meuse and the Peel canals. But that is not enough to keep the water in the ditches and streams at the desired level.

Flowers, plants and fruit
In the southeastern part of the working area, water may no longer be taken from ditches and streams to irrigate fields or to water gardens and sports fields. The ban will only be lifted when the water level is back to normal.

There is an exception for so-called capital-intensive crops, such as flowers, plants and fruit. But farmers who grow potatoes, sugar beets, corn or grain, for example, have to find another solution.

In May, the Brabantse Delta Water Board in West Brabant already imposed withdrawal bans for surface water for part of its area.

Source:Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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