Movement Improvement and restoring your body

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When was the last time you felt really good in your body? Does your body move without pain or stiffness?

Learn how to restore and enjoy your body again your movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively. Reduce pain and risk of injury. Increase joint health, longevity, and the ability to move freely with ease.

Our daily life is set up to create convenience and comfort which means we don’t use our bodies the way they were designed to work. The rule of “use it or lose it” holds true. Our body was designed to overcome physical challenges on a daily basis; requiring the whole body to work together with a full range of movement throughout.

“You can’t move where you can’t move.” Dr Andrea Spina D.C.

It doesn’t matter what activity or sport you do (running, biking, gardening, football, weight lifting), if your joints aren’t able to function properly together then you are not using your body to its fullest potential. You will train incorrect movement patterns that will result in injury, pain, and unnecessary strain on the body.

When you squat, (Yes, take a moment to try right now!), do your heels come off the ground? Does your back arch forward? Do you feel pinching and tightness in your hips, low back, knees, or ankles?

Issues I see every day with clients:

  • Old ankle injuries that changed someone’s walking pattern and now they suffer hip, back and possibly neck pain.
  • Difficulty raising one’s arm straight overhead so that it extends straight beside the ear – yet continuing to perform exercises (i.e. pullups, overhead presses) that force a compensatory position which further negatively impacts the whole body.
  • Weak core and hip control – worsened by sitting for hours at a desk and then pedalling for hours on a bike in your active free time.

The answer to all of these issues is a regular intentional exercise focused on mobility and strength.

What are you doing regularly that focuses your attention on maintaining and improving your body’s capacity for movement?

With a proper program, you can address the aforementioned issues you likely have – whether they are years or even decades old. This entails rehabilitation from injury and misuse; developing strength in a full range of motion, improving athletic function, and increasing joint health. The end goal… longevity!

Client comments after working together:

  • “I used to go to my physiotherapy every other week, now I only go twice a year for checkups!” -56 year old with herniated disc and frozen shoulder
  • “I never thought I would be able to move that way without pain.” – 73-year-old retired football player
  • “I feel my body throughout the whole day, and it feels so much better!” – a 42-year-old mother of three

If you are ready to give back to your body follow this 10-minute whole-body routine my clients do every single day!

Watch out for the upcoming series of articles where I will explain the body in three parts focusing on the biomechanics, common problems, and at-home exercise solutions.

-Ali Wilcox M.S., FRCms

Trifecta Sport

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