‘Grow along with everyone’- PvdA #Eindhoven elections

Mieke Verhees, party chairperson (left) and Yasin Torunoglu, Alderman(right)

Great vision and ambition go hand in hand with Eindhoven. We envision a city that turns growth into opportunities for all its citizens. For the last 75 years, the social-democratic PvdA Eindhoven has made sure Eindhoven has been a social-economic role model for the rest of the Netherlands.

We are proud of the city we built and keep building.

We live in a city that has everything: beautiful neighbourhoods, High tech campus, strong communities and companies with a global profile. Eindhoven is a collection of villages and, at the same is a world player in technology and innovation. It’s this unique mix that makes Eindhoven grow and evolve.

We want everybody to grow along and share our 75-year legacy. To make that happen, there is some work to do. Eindhoven is rapidly changing. Our big companies are extremely successful and our international community is growing fast. At the same time, we see that some people are excluded from the success story. We see that housing is unaffordable, the job market is stagnating, huge wage gaps, finding quality care is difficult, and overall challenges in wellbeing. 

And yes, challenges differ from person to person. Some people live in a pleasant neighbourhood, while some others feel vulnerable and not secure enough. For some, the COVID crisis deepens their uncertainty, whereas others seem hardly affected. PvdA Eindhoven believes in a city where everyone can grow along.

Also, our international community wants to grow. We all love Eindhoven but many of our citizens feel disconnected. Contact among the different groups can be challenging. As do other problems like finding affordable housing. Our ambition is to make Eindhoven attractive and inviting for everyone. This means addressing the most important socioeconomic challenges like housing, work, care and education. But it also means abundant and varied opportunities for leisure, recreation, culture, nature, and events without compromising our unique identity.

Candidate no 3 Rosa van den Nieuwenhof campaigning (far right)

Our goal is to make everyone feel part of our unique growth story. Fortunately, we have the resources to invest in our city. Among our focal areas to make everyone grow along are:

  • Brainport for everyone

We aim to develop a social Brainport agenda that positively impacts everyone. Suitable jobs, permanent employment contracts, decent incomes, affordable housing and accessible care.

  • Inclusive city

We advocate integration among different communities by focusing on strong neighbourhoods, a liveable city with enough to do and see, and to make more effort in assisting our international inhabitants in finding their way across the city.

  • Personal contact

We want more locations in the neighbourhood where you can just walk in if you have questions about living in Eindhoven, for a coffee, a place to study, for advice concerning care or work, for a workshop or an evening of dancing. This stimulates getting to know each other, looking after each other, and having fun together.

  • A government that serves its citizens

The COVID crisis shows that a strong government is essential. The market cannot solve most social issues. We work on a government that stands beside its people, works from a basis of trust and listens to its residents.

  • Safe and strong neighbourhoods

We create more meeting spaces in every neighbourhood and strengthen both community work and civic participation. Neighbourhoods get more to say about policy areas that directly affect them, think for example, about road safety, green choices, or the organisation of local events. This improves connectivity and strengthens our social cohesion.

  • An affordable housing market

Housing is a key priority to the PvdA Eindhoven. The lack of affordable housing is an important cause of inequality and is affecting many of our citizens. We help by building more houses as well as making sure that there is more regulation in regards to investors and speculation.

  • A green, healthy city where everyone is happy

Quality of life is key to a happy city. Our new housing projects are not just based on concrete. They are also green and include abundant space for leisure and recreation. At the same time, a liveable city means clean air, plenty of opportunities to exercise and less pollution. We realise this by improving infrastructure for electric vehicles, bicycles and public transport.

  • A fun city with plenty to do

An entertaining Eindhoven means investing in our cultural offer and to make it easier to organize big and small events. Volunteers are key to our city’s social life. We help organizations with recruiting and making the lives of volunteers easier.

  • A city that is easy to reach

We are proud to have contributed to Eindhoven getting a train connection to Dusseldorf. But that isn’t enough. To live up to our climate goals and make Eindhoven easier to reach, we want Eindhoven to become an international hub for train connections.

Support PvdA if you want Eindhoven to continuously prosper and flourish so that you grow along! Read our whole programme here.


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