A safe, affordable, accessible and vibrant city is our motto- VVD #Eindhoven elections

Lex Janssen- List leader, VVD Eindhoven

Eindhoven is developing, and the Brainport region is booming. So it’s important to back the growth potential with proactive measures. VVD Eindhoven vouches to provide this for Eindhoven in the next four years.

“A little better, a little nicer, every day.” Lex Janssen. According to Lex Janssen (28), the list leader of VVD, we should be proud of our beautiful city. He is energised by the fact that Eindhoven is a city where people put their shoulders to the wheel together. He, therefore, looks back with pleasure on what the Eindhoven VVD has achieved in the past period.

Healthy finances are a basic requirement and we achieved that in Eindhoven– Janssen

Finances back in order 

When Lex became a councillor four years ago, there was a lot of work to be done. Lex: “Eindhoven was in a financial mess. Voted back as the largest party, we rejoined the municipal executive committee and solved the problem together. Healthy finances are a basic requirement for being able to grow into a city with 300,000 residents. This growth is also needed to fulfil and afford our climate goals and other municipal services. We need, for example, further investments in our ecosystem, so we can improve on our joint future. We also need to keep strengthening our robust economy.  Because, as we saw in the pandemic, a robust economy is needed to keep businesses running and jobs available. Therefore, investments into an ecosystem and the strengthening of a robust economy go hand in hand’’.  

More houses, an accessible city and improved care

Owing to Eindhoven’s growth, we are investing in efforts to build more houses. “What I am very proud of is that in recent years 3,000 homes have been built per year. We made sure that developers could build as quickly as possible with as little intervention from the municipality as possible.” And progress has also been made in the social domain. “We have ensured that finances are back in control. The quality has improved, and care is increasingly reaching those who really need it.” And finally, the VVD has contributed to keeping the inner city accessible. “There is better traffic flow on the Ring road, and we have made streets more beautiful and greener, such as Geldropseweg and Vestdijk.” 

Development in Strijp

Safe and vibrant

A safe and growing city needs more investment and effort in rolling out measures. “Many more homes are needed for people who come to live in Eindhoven. They want to live in a safe and liveable city. A vibrant city where you can sit on a terrace, where you can get to work and to friends easily and quickly, and in a sustainable and green city. As I already said; we want to facilitate this growth.” 

Further internationalization of the city 

Equal opportunities for all. For example, it shouldn’t matter which cradle you come from, as long as you want to contribute to our beautiful city, you are more than welcome. ”We want to give the international and bilingual schools the space they need to grow and make English education more accessible in all school levels. Communication and languages are not only important for our children, but also for ourselves. So, to facilitate further internationalization, we want to give people access to affordable languages courses, so that more people can more easily participate within our vibrant city.

 VVD  strives for a completely bilingual city

A mayor as a proud ambassador

Lex has a clear vision of what kind of mayor will experience that growth. “We would like to see a mayor of stature. Someone authoritative and decisive who can make connections with the province and the national government. Someone who can connect, with the administrative organization, the city council, Brainport, with regional municipalities and, of course, with the inhabitants. But above all, he/she must be a proud ambassador of the city.”

Written by: Len Snelders, candidate VVD.

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