Booksellers are delivering books by bike

Booksellers delivering books on cycle to clients
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The booksellers from the Van Piere bookshop are delivering ordered books to their customers by bicycle. The shop remains empty due to National Health Department’s (RIVM) anti-coronavirus measures. “Now I see where my customers live,” says Magriet van Veen.

It’s a sunny afternoon and is 23°C outside. Usually, Margriet van Veen would only be able to see the sun from inside the shop. But the corona crisis has allowed her to go outside. “I love it; it’s nice outside. And I get great reactions when I bring the books to the customers.”

“It’s really appreciated. Besides that, I can now see where they live.’  She picks up a pile of books wrapped in cardboard, with the bookshop’s name on it. Then using plastic gloves, she puts them in her bike bag. And off she goes, on her bike, to customers in Stratum.

A counter and deliveries

Since the RIVM measures have been in force, Van Piere has opened a book counter at the shop front. Customers can get advice about books or ‘pick up’ a book. Another idea to be able to continue selling was to get the sellers on their bikes. Manager, Jan Verhagen says, “What we have over other webshops are our booksellers. Together, we decided to let our staff reach customers on their bikes”.

The plague of Camus is currently the shop’s most popular book. But adult colouring books are also popular. And self-help books to help people brush up on their skills. A customer in the city centre recently ordered professional literature on leadership. She received it in person from Margriet that same day.

“Fantastic! Very fast, and great that she brought it on her bike. I was also looking at this morning, to be honest. But the price was the same, and that was the deciding factor,” says the customer.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives Inburgering classes. Click here for more info.

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