To close or not to close voluntarily? Catering industry in deep dilemma

To close or not to close voluntarily?
Photo credit: Terraces in Eindhoven Centrum, Chaitali Sengupta

The rising number of infections is making the situation for the entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry in Brabant very difficult. In several places in the country, the cafes are voluntarily closing their doors. They have to think about the safety of staff and the nightlife public. 

“Unfortunately, we must conclude that at this time it is irresponsible to you as guests, the Janssen team, and society to open this weekend,” the Café Janssen in Breda informed on Facebook.

Other catering establishments in Brabant are not thinking of closing.  Rick Broers of party café De Prins in Tilburg, says “We have to be vigilant ourselves. People without test certificates or vaccinations must understand that they can’t enter.” Closing is not an option for Prins.

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“Not Closing again”
“Closing again? I’m glad we can finally do something again,” says Jos Coolen, manager of Time Out in Gemert. “We’ve been closed long enough.” At this entertainment center, they are focusing on the hospital figures. “I understand that the infections are rising at the moment because more people are being tested. As long as nothing happens at the hospital, we’re still fine.” Next weekend, there is a large event at Time Out where about 3000 people will visit.

Closing in Eindhoven
Catering establishments at Stratumseind in Eindhoven are closing their terraces earlier on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday due to the increasing infections. According to the Royal Horeca Eindhoven, several corona cases have been identified at Stratumseind. Hospitality boss Paul van Boxtel, owner of Café Thomas, is doubtful about keeping his café open. “It’s a choice between earning a living and staying closed for public health reasons,” he says.

Possible reservations in Den Bosch
Presently, Eindhoven is the only large city in Brabant that is taking far-reaching measures to curb the rising number of coronas infections. The municipality is concerned about the increasing number of infections.

The hospitality owners in Den Bosch, Breda, and Tilburg are looking forward to the decision of the government. They’re not taking any measures for the time being.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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