Three kisses on cheek not to return after corona?

Three kisses not to return after Corona
Photo Credit: A Handshake,, Gerd Altmann

The festivals can begin again. Of course, with entrance tests. Even an evening in the pub looks possible again. And so, the Brabanders are tempted to give a hug.

But the traditional giving of three kisses is not coming back. This is according to reactions on the Facebook page of Omroep Brabant.

“I found that kiss-free zone quite pleasant, keep it in,” says Sheryl. And Franny is going to give three kisses only to her children, not to others. It is noticeable that many people would like to hug again, but really don’t like the three kisses anymore: “I found that 1.5 meter quite pleasant sometimes, stay out of my aura”, says Roanne. Yvonne also agrees. “Not hugging and kissing is fine with me.”

Many people find it difficult to get acquainted without shaking hands. Jordy: “It’s just uncomfortable when you introduce yourself to someone but without shaking hands. Think about job applications, or introducing yourself to clients at the office.”

Many people say they never stopped hugging. “I’ve just been hugging all along with my loved ones around me,” says Ilse. Tamara thinks the same way. “Have always just done it. I should have been in the ICU or dead ten times over by now, according to some.”

Anny can’t wait until everything is allowed again. “Have missed hugging my children and grandchildren so much,” she says. “Hugging and kissing are part of greeting friends, acquaintances, and loved ones,” says Martine.

There are also people who like the corona distance. No kissing and no hugging if you don’t have to. “I preferred not to do that before corona either, so never mind, I’ll wave,” believes Anouschka. “Just wave and say hello, it’s fine with me”, Ellen agrees.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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