Curfew extended, minor relaxations in corona measures

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In the press conference today evening, Prime minister Mark Rutte announced few minor relaxations to the existing anti- corona measures. The number of infections are still too high. All corona measures are therefore extendedt till Tuesday, March 30. The curfew will also remain in effect.

Here is  an overview of the most important announcements made during the press conference Monday evening:Adjustment effective immediately are as follows:

Nursing homes
If residents of nursing homes are vaccinated, they can have two visitors per day instead of one. There can also be different visitors during the week.

The small relaxations as of March 16:
Large stores
When shopping by appointment, stores are allowed two customers per floor. Soon, large stores will also be allowed to receive one customer per 25 square meters. The 1.5 meters distance must be maintained. A maximum of 50 customers may be in the store at any one time. The rule still applies that people have to make an appointment at least four hours in advance, and that the store works with time slots of at least ten minutes.

GGD opens new test centre in valkenswaard
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Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons and swimming exams will be possible again for children up to 12 years of age from March 16, but under strict conditions. An important consideration is that children must be able to swim safely during the upcoming summer. However, certain rules apply. For example, the changing rooms are open, but the showers are not. Also, children stay at home in case of complaints and parents have to wait outside.

Outdoor sports
Adults are allowed to exercise together with a maximum of four people from March 16 onwards.  As of March 3, adolescents and young adults up to 27 years of age were already allowed to play outdoor sports in teams.

Theory exams
On-site theory lessons and exams may again be organized for, for example, car or motorcycle driving. This applies only to people who need it for exercising certain professions or for certain companies.

Possible relaxations from March 31 onwards
These can be effective only if the hospitalisations concerning intensive care remains stable and the so-called reproduction number remains around 1.

Restaurant owners may then open outdoor terraces, subject to certain conditions. For example, registration, a check-in interview and placarding are mandatory. And a maximum of fifty people are allowed to sit on a terrace.

There will be more room for stores to continue opening.

Two people, aged 13 and over, will be allowed to visit each day.

Under certain conditions,  higher vocational education (hbo) and university education (wo) may start. Students may then go to the classes for a maximum of one day per week.
Other points mentioned:
Currently, the urgent advice is to stay in the Netherlands. This travel advice applies until at least April 15.

On March 23, the government will issue new travel advice for the month of May. Possibly there will also be more clarity about the summer vacations.
App for vaccination certificate
The government is working on an app that should give people more freedom. The app must prove that people have tested negative or have been vaccinated.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta

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