No Carnaval this year

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Carnaval will definitely not take place this year. That’s according to the region’s three safety councils’ chairmen.

These plans have all been halted. That’s because of the high number of infections. And the prospects of the rise of the British COVID-19 variant.

There are, however, digital possibilities. The possible cancellation of this annual four-day festival had already been considered. Now the Dutch cabinet has extended the lockdown. So, the decision’s final.

Bite the bullet

In a joint statement, the three chairmen, including Eindhoven Mayor, John Jorritsma, write: ‘It’s not unexpected, but still a great disappointment for many of you. The only thing we can do now is to hang on.”

“Hang in there and look forward to better times. Because they will come, this storm, too, will pass. And then we can live the way we’re best at – closely connected.”

Like the government, the security councils are also concerns about the new British variant of the virus. “When you hear and see the reports from the United Kingdom, you understand why it’s vital to persevere. You can do what’s needed in your sleep already.”

“Don’t only regularly wash your hands. Keep your distance, stay and work at home, and limit the number of social contacts,” reads the statement. The lockdown in the Netherlands has now been extended until 9 February.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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