Anxiety, worry and loneliness increasing in coronavirus second wave

Photo credit: Atharva Tulsi (Unsplash)

Almost half of Eindhoven’s residents feel frustrated, powerless or worried in light of the coronavirus crisis. This finding emerged from a recent study by Eindhoven city council.

It is the fifth time that the council has researched the mental wellbeing of residents during the coronavirus pandemic. The previous survey was conducted in June. The results of the previous survey indicated that residents were feeling significantly more positive about the coronavirus situation compared to now. Young people in particular report significant feelings of loneliness in the most recent survey.

Support of government regulations

The majority of respondents expressed support for the regulations imposed by the Dutch government. This was especially true for the advice to wear a mask and not to travel abroad.

June’s survey found that the number of people who always keep 1.5 metres distance from people outside their household was decreasing. However, the most recent survey found that this figure is increasing again. Whilst, in June, the majority of respondents felt that others had started to adhere less to government advice, a third of respondents now think that people have started to adhere to the advice more. The sudden shift is consistent with the introduction of significantly stricter measures between the two survey dates.

Working lives

Most of the respondents say that they can still go to work, or can work from home without major problems. However, many did indicate that they have experienced a higher work load in comparison to before the pandemic.

Mixed feelings

Lastly, there is a slight increase since the last survey in respondents who say they can easily find and understand information about coronavirus measures. On the other hand, there is still a high number that finds the advice contradictory or unclear.


Source: Studio040

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