Hermes bus drivers afraid of infection

Hermes bus drivers afraid
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The travellers are again allowed to use the front door of the bus to board. It makes the drivers of Hermes afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus. The unions are, therefore, now sounding the alarm.

Since Monday, customers are also allowed to board at the front, where the driver sits as well. According to researchers from TNO, ventilation in the bus would be better if the front doors were also opened.

The trade unions think that the Eindhoven bus company should do something about the situation, writes the ED. However, ‘cough screens’ have been installed to protect the drivers. But the drivers are still worried about their health. They call for the situation to be reversed. Also, according to the unions, the ATMs should be placed one and a half meters away from the driver as soon as possible.

According to the management of Hermes, research actually shows that it is safer to have extra ventilation with the front doors open. The board also emphasizes that it is national policy that the bus company follows.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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