Carnival without usual kick-off party

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Next year’s Carnival won’t start in the usual way.

The regional media group, Omroep Brabant, has decided not to start Eindhoven’s Carnaval 2021 with the well-known 3 Uurkes Vurraf. Because of the anti-corona measures, the jam-packed party can’t go ahead. It usually attracts about 1,600 people to the Pullman Hotel.

Omroep Brabant and the other organisations involved think it would be irresponsible to hold the event as usual. “People’s health comes first”, the organisers say. Rules are more important than the party.


An alternative solution is still being considered. Omroep Brabant editor-in-chief, Renzo Veenstra, says, “That the start of Carnival should be celebrated is certain. But finding a way to do this responsibly is still a challenge.”

The organisation hopes that they can organise the part as usual in 2022. That’s 3 Uurkes Vurraf‘s 33rd anniversary.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda


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