Local hotel ‘locks in’ guests from orange areas

the student hotel
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Certain guests at a local hotel were, effectively, prevented from leaving their rooms recently.

These are students arriving from code orange travel areas at The Student Hotel. They, therefore, had to be quarantined. They received a ‘one-shot key’ from the hotel for a short time. This effectively ‘locked’ them in their rooms. The practise has since been stopped.

This behaviour garnered a lot of indignation on social media. A student had been on holiday in Turkey. She then stayed at the hotel. She told her story in the Eindhoven University’s of Technology’s magazine, Cursor.

‘One-shot’ key

When she checked-in, it became clear that she came from a code orange travel area. She was given a key with which she could only enter her room once. So, she could not come and go as she pleased.

That was bad enough. But she couldn’t shop for groceries online. The hotel staff weren’t helpful at all in coming up with a solution. So she was forced to order food at the hotel.

“We don’t do that anymore”, the receptionist of The Student Hotel, when asked about the ‘one-shot’ key and the strict quarantine regime, says. “The rules have now changed. But I can’t say anything else about it”.

The new measures are more flexible, according to Cursor. They have an email with the new policy. Students in quarantine are now allowed to have groceries delivered to the hotel once a week. They don’t get a ‘one-shot’ key either.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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