Masks on the beaches of Spain – bizarre!

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Many holidaymakers landing at Eindhoven Airport are surprised by the large international differences in corona policies. They are usually stricter than at home.

Going on holiday abroad can be dangerous. Many people who return on Tuesday from the now ‘orange’ holiday country Spain are well aware of this. Not only the contact with locals is a risk, but also the flying back and forth. At Eindhoven Airport most passengers wear a face mask, even when they are not in the terminal. What almost all returnees notice is that, in terms of corona policy, there are differences from place to place.

“In Spain they really try to oppress people”, a man, who comes to pick up his daughter, says. She flies from Alicante to Eindhoven. Because Spain has become orange since midnight, she has to spend ten days in quarantine at home. “But does she do that? I don’t know”, the man says.

Face masks on the beach

Many suntanned people who leave the airport on Tuesday are outraged by the fact that in many places in Spain you had to lie on the beach with a face mask on. “That’s bizarre, isn’t it, on the beach?”, the man says. When his daughter comes walking out of the hall – with a mask on, he hugs her and shouts that she should be quarantined soon.

A man who has gone on holiday to Italy has marvelled at the physicality of the locals. “They feel quite free, those Italians. Kissing, hugging, cuddling… they all did that there.” For a Belgian, international differences lead to complete confusion. He’s booked a trip to Ibiza, that’s code red in Belgium. In the Netherlands, however, it is code orange, which means that the flight is not cancelled and the ticket is not reimbursed by the airline. “I have spent hours on the line with call centres, I don’t know what to do. It makes me mad”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole

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