Supermarket gives healthcare workers priority

Photo credit: Catharina Hospital/Eindhoven Media Library

As the country passes the one-month mark of dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, the tally of confirmed cases now stands at 9,762. Since yesterday, more than 450 more people have been admitted to hospital.

And it is, there, in the hospitals, that nurses and doctors are battling this pandemic. People all over the world, including the Netherlands, are applauding their efforts. In this vein, the biggest supermarket chain in the country, Albert Heijn (AH), is giving employees of all healthcare institutions in the Netherlands priority at all their shops.

“if there is a queue at the [shop] entrance, they have priority,” says Marit van Egmond, AH’s CEO. “With the enormous workload they now have, they must be able to do their shopping at a time that suits them.” She added that some AH shops might be closed for short periods during the day. This is necessary in order to restock shelves safely.

Meanwhile, the Eindhoven City Council is using its digital message boards, the city beacons, to spread its messages – both of its preventative measures as well as those of thanks and solidarity.

Source: Albert Heijn

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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