Eindhoven cultural sector begs for extra money: ‘It squeeks and it creaks’


The Eindhoven municipality needs to come up with extra money for the cultural institutions in the city soon. This budget is necessary to be able to absorb the increased costs. That is what the major cultural institutions say in a pressing letter.

The Parktheater, Muziekgebouw, and the Effenaar, among others, signed the letter. It is a cry for help to the mayor and alderpersons. According to the institutions, the strong inflation and the aftermath of the corona pandemic have greaty impacted the sector. “It squeaks and creaks. Quality and accessibility are under threat”, according to the signatories.


A range of developments is causing major headaches within the local cultural sector. Energy prices have risen sharply. Institutions also feel compelled to raise salaries because of inflation and the tight labour market. Rents are also rising and the sector is still feeling the consequences of the corona crisis. Finally, the various organisations are looking at nearly empty piggy banks.


The local cultural institutions are asking for a subsidy increase of ten per cent. They also want only to a limited increase in rent. The organisations emphasise that they do not want to pass the increased costs on to visitors by raising the price of tickets. This would be detrimental to the accessibility of art and culture in the city.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Aysenur Kuran


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