Tiny house construction plans halted

Engineering construction house plan
Photo credit: Freepik

The 23 tiny houses and two apartments to be built on Bijenlaan in Son will not be built. According to the municipal council of Son en Breugel, the construction plans have proven to be too expensive. 


In 2022, the mayor and aldermen approved the plans for BijenHof. However, the increased construction costs as well as home loan interests are too much of a burden. The changed legislation regarding rental properties is also pointed out as an important cause for the cancellation of construction.

Plan B

However, the initiators of BijenHof have still looked at financial arrangements that could ensure the completion of the project. There was no room for the government, the province, the housing associations and ASML’s housing fund to support the plans.

The Son en Breugel council has announced that the location on Bijenlaan will remain a construction location. The municipality will therefore look at whether new plans can be developed for housing at that location.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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