Back to Roman times at the preHistoric Village

preHistorisch Dorp
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The preHistoric Village in Eindhoven will be dedicated to the Roman era from 9 to 12 May. Visitors will experience what life was like during the time when the Netherlands was part of the Roman Empire, some 50 years before Christ.

PreHistoric Village

Real Roman soldiers march through the open-air museum during the ‘Roman Days’. The Corbulo and Legio Secunda Augusta groups and other historical residents really bring history to life at the museum.

Various activities take visitors back to Roman times: from baking bread with the Germanic tribesmen to making a Roman cloak pin. There are also all kinds of games from Roman times scattered throughout the museum.

There are also reconstructions of buildings that stood in the Eindhoven region at the time of the Roman Empire. From a watchtower, for keeping a sharp eye on the surroundings, to a native Roman cattle farm full of Roman elements.


In the adjacent encampment, visitors will learn about the specific crafts people practised in Roman times and the food consumed by the Romans. Indeed, they brought many new flavours to our country.

In the herb garden, visitors will discover what special smells the Romans brought to the Netherlands. “We know that the Romans introduced many types of food to us, such as Provencal herbs, citrus fruits, olive oil, wine and hard cheese,” says museum manager Yvonne Lammers.

Opening time

The preHistoric Village is open from 10am to 5pm. An entry ticket costs 12.50 euros. Children up to 3 years old and Museum Card holders can enter for free.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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