Stedelijk college students tried to make impact in the society

Pic credit: Studio040

The Stedelijk College was taken over for one day on 28th March by Young Impact, an organization that organises lesson programs and events at schools where students make the world a better place through play.

Impact on the society

The students at the Stedelijk College therefore did not have lessons on the 28th of March, but they collected toys for the toy bank and made flower bulbs to green the neighborhood.

Food was also collected for the food bank and cards were written for the elderly in the Peppelrode nursing home. According to Young Impact, the day is intended to introduce students to making an impact on society.


“We are now writing cards with compliments for people in the neighborhood,” says student Noor. “It’s mainly about spreading a little positivity.” The good atmosphere is also palpable according to team coach Nancy Jansen. “They remain students, some enjoy it more than others,” she says. “But there is a positive atmosphere in the school and they are enthusiastic. It is a different day than usual.”

The young people received workshops about respect, self-confidence and how to stand on your own feet.


Transalted by: Anitha Sevugan

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