Urban Culture Festival children only

Picture courtesy Studio040/Piet van Strijp

The Urban Culture Festival is going to change tack. The Eindhoven festival is going to focus exclusively on primary school age children. Workshops and clinics will introduce children to urban sports.

Bmx racing, inline skating, free-running, hiphop-class or graffiti-art. All these will feature in the workshops and clinics this year. With every workshop, children earn a badge and a stamp. They will go home with a kind of urban sports diploma.

Organiser Emoves wants to use the festival to introduce children to urban sports and urban art. “Right now, the trend is for children to choose field hockey or soccer as a matter of course. It is only later that they start to look around and find what really interests them. Maybe we can generate enough enthusiasm in the children to create the next world level bmx-racer legend”, says hiphop legend Andrey Grekhov .


While the children attend workshops, their parents can lean back and relax on the pavement café or in the lounge on the square.

Source: Studio040

translator: Greta


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