Bunkertoren nominated ‘Best Building of the Year’

Source: Studio040.nl

The Bunkertoren has been nominated for the renowned architecture award Best Building of the Year. The prize is awarded annually by the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA).

The Bunkertoren is one of the twelve nominees that were chosen from 109 entries, says the BNA. The 100 – meter high residential tower was completed at the beginning of this year .

More than three years of work was done on the building, which was based on the adjacent Bunker in terms of architectural style. Several student associations used to have their accommodation there and parties were regularly held there.

Concrete and park

BNA praises the decision to incorporate De Bunker’s brutalist style (massive and stately forms, lots of concrete) into the new tower. In addition, the adjacent BunkerPark is appreciated. That park was made possible by constructing the parking spaces in front of the building underground.

You can vote for the Building of the Year on the BNA website. There is both a public award and a jury award. On May 11, it will be announced which building will receive the prize.

Source: Studio040.nl
Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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