Airport pays penalty in missed flights claims

long queues at Eindhoven Airport Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven Airport has paid out around 750,000 euros to people who missed their flight last year due to long queues at security, says a spokesperson for the Airport. In total, about 1700 people have asked for compensation.

This is reported by Omroep Brabant.

Many people who flew from Eindhoven Airport during the holiday months last year had to deal with long queues. ‘Unprecedented crowds’, is what the airport calls it in its recently published annual report. At times, queues stretched far beyond the airport terminal. More than once, frustrated passengers missed a flight to their holiday destination because of this.

An important cause was the great shortage of security staff at the airport in times of national shortage on the labour market, just when the Netherlands went on holiday together again after the corona crisis.

Most claims granted

In order to accommodate those affected, Eindhoven Airport decided to offer financial compensation in August. Travellers who missed their flight due to staff shortages at the airport could report this by filling out online forms. According to the airport, the scheme was intended for passengers ‘who could not go anywhere else’ with their claim. For example, because an airline or insurance company refused to fork out.

Of the total of 1700 claims submitted, 1500 have now been settled. Most have been granted, Eindhoven Airport reports. This involves about three quarters of a million euros. Eindhoven Airport pays this amount from its own reserves. According to a spokesman, the remaining 200 claims will be completed within a few weeks.

‘Not liable’

The airport states that it is not formally liable for the damage suffered. “But we don’t want to let our travellers down,” says the recently published annual report.

Travellers were entitled to compensation if they were present at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure and still missed their flight. Passengers had to prove this with, for example, parking tickets, WhatsApp messages or photos showing that they were actually that early.

Waiting time acceptable

Victims could request compensation for costs incurred when rebooking a flight. They could also claim expenses for alternative travel to their destination or costs such as for food or drinks while waiting for a later flight.

Eindhoven Airport expects that the compensation scheme will not be necessary this year. “Many more security staff have been hired to be able to handle the summer crowds properly,” says an airport spokesman. “It will be busy at certain times. But the lead time is expected to be acceptable so that travellers can catch their flight.”


Schiphol, which is a co-owner of Eindhoven Airport, also created a compensation scheme last year. There, 8,300 people filed compensation for missing their flight.

There are many more than in Eindhoven, because more people travel via that airport. How much money Schiphol has paid out is not specifically stated in its annual report.

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

Source : Studio040

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