More and more snow during the day, tonight it will be white

More and more snow
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It’s soaking wet all day this Tuesday. In the morning, it was raining, with occasional wet snow. In the afternoon, there will be more wet snow, and in the evening it can even turn white.

Weerplaza warns that it can become slippery on Tuesday evening. With a lot of precipitation in the south of the country and temperatures dropping below freezing, the rain is increasingly turning into snow.

The snow will remain on Tuesday evening and form a sludge layer of a few centimeters. The snow remains most easily on lawns, cars and garden furniture.

In the evening the temperature drops to around freezing point or just below zero. Then the snow also stays down easier. Most snow can remain in the southeast.

There are still (wet) snow showers on Wednesday. The temperature will rise again after Wednesday.



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