Less loud means less coverage – the other protest at the airport

Young and old join the protests Picture courtesy: OmroepBrabant/Rochelle Moes

All eyes were on the climate activists who entered the Airport grounds illegally on Saturday, but there were also more law-abiding protesters.  On the boulevard adjoining the terminal  speeches were made, songs were sung, and some two hundred people clarified their views using placards and slogans.  

What do we want? Climate justice!’ resounds on the field. One of the activists is Jetske, who explains her motivation to join the demonstration. Ït’s the ease with which people decide to fly”, she explains. “All those fun city trips can easily be made by train”.

Protester Jeroen Langeveld mentions the latest IPCC climate report. “They show the alarming rate of deterioration. So a reduction in the number of flights here is crucial”.

“I travel by train or choose a closer destination”

These protesters have the permission of the airport to have their demonstration here. But, do they not fly themselves? “I used to take the plane, but when I read up on the issue I was shocked”, says Connie van Uffelen. “So I quit. I either travel by train or stay closer to home”.

There are many children among the demonstrators. Twelve-year-old Elisabeth from Eindhoven knows exactly why she joined. “Planes emit a lot of CO2 and are heating up the planet. That’s why we have extreme weather and things like floods, such as in Limburg. And I want to have a good future”, she explains.

Going over to the other side

Towards the end of the demonstration the group moves towards the rear of the airport. Another group cut a hole in the fence around the airport and has now entered the airport grounds proper. The demonstrators coming from the field want to support them. ‘You are not alone, you are not alone!’, they shout, with the military police preventing them from going any further.

“I choose to stay within the law, but I do support them, says Jeroen Langeveld. “A few years back I used banners to protest and none of it was ever reported on in the media. So it sometimes helps to step up a notch.” Jetske agrees: “We have held peaceful protests for so long with no result whatsoever. You might find me on the other side next time. Who knows?”

Translated by: Greta

source: Omroep Brabant

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