Summa College and Fontys start school for teachers together

Teacher training school Picture:

Summa College and Fontys Hogescholen will jointly train teachers in the Eindhoven region. With this, the institutions want to respond better to new developments in vocational education.

New-age teacher requirements

According to Trees Sauer of Eindhoven Summa College, a teacher needs to be better equipped than before. “The teacher of the future thinks in talents, is multiculturally educated and has an inquisitive attitude. Moreover, he/she must be willing to keep constantly developing, including the digital field.” With the establishment of a so-called “Training School,” a connection to that development should be sought.

Customised approach

“In our approach, we use recent insights about learning, the forms of learning and the diversity of secondary vocational education. For the teachers in training, we also strive for customisation and more choices within learning pathways,” said Maud Slaats of Fontys.

Official start

The official start of the new school is next Thursday.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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