Health Lab 2023 inspires prevention

Picture courtesy: Philips Museum
Learn how innovations contribute to physical and mental health and what you can do to live a healthy life at the HealthLab event. Alderman Samir Toub, along with Olga Coolen, director of Philips Museum, opened the event this morning at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven. The Health lab will be open on 11 and 12 February.

The Health Lab is committed to inspiring children and their supervisors with all kinds of activities in the field of health and preventive care. With the event HealthLab, the Philips Museum gives substance to this topic, with the aim of making children and their parents aware of the impact everyone has on their own health.

Prevention is crucial in healthcare
Prevention is a crucial part of healthcare. As a specialist healthcare technology company, Philips attaches great importance to joint contributions to the prevention and intensified cooperation within healthcare. The aim is to use innovations to improve health and well-being and to prevent people from falling ill.

Opening by Samir Toub
On Saturday, Feb. 11 at 11 a.m., the event will be opened by Samir Toub, Alderman, diversity, care, youth and social support. As the first visitor, he will experience for himself how and with what effort you impact health.

During the event, the functioning of the heart receives special attention through the
collaboration with the Heart Foundation and Fontys. With various measurements and tests,
visitors will visualize their fitness. They learn what physical exertion does to the heart and
heart rate. The Phillips Vital Signs Camera is used to read various data about the body, and a portable ultrasound machine allows visitors to literally look inside their own bodies. In addition, visitors will learn more about healthy eating, oral hygiene and the added value of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in healthcare.

Source: Philips Museum




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