Sharp increase in the number of parking fines

The automatic scan-car from the enforcement department. Picture courtesy: Studio040/Eindhoven Municipality

Some 58,000 fines have already been issued this year. That is much more than in the corona years, but also considerably higher than before the pandemic.

Paid Parking

In 2020 and 2021, the counter did not exceed 35,000 fines for motorists. Before the corona crisis, in 2019, this number was higher, with 50,000 fines. With three weeks left for this year, the numbers are expected to keep rising, already at a relative increase of 16 percent.

Scan car

According to the municipality, the use of the scan-car is a clear reason for the increase in the number of cases. In Eindhoven, this has been used for over a year to tackle wrong parkers and defaulters. In the corona years, there was also less enforcement, because fewer cars were parked.


This year, the fines have already added more than three million euros to the city’s budget. In the corona years, this was a million less and it wasn’t reached in the year before corona either. The amounts do not include fines for illegal parking. The income from these violations goes to the national government.


In Eindhoven, most fines were handed out in the city centre. Almost 50 per cent of drivers who did not pay or exceded their allowed time had parked in the centre. The other areas with a high percentage of offenders were the districts of Strijp and Stratum.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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