80 years since Sinterklaas bombardment: commemoration held

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In Eindhoven, opposite the Light Tower, at the Operation Oyster monument, a memorial was held on Tuesday in memory of the Sinterklaas bombardment. Other bombing raids in the city during World War II were also discussed.

Wreaths were laid at the monument and the victims were remembered. It is exactly 80 years ago since the British shut down part of the Philips factories around Sinterklaas. The factories were bombed because radios were made here for the Germans. However, the attack by the English turned out differently than expected. The bombs not only hit the factories of Philips, but also fell on the Demer, the Emmasingel and the Fellenoord. The result: parts of Eindhoven in ruins and 135 victims.


Eyewitnesses were also present during the commemoration, who recalled memories of the Sinterklaas bombardment. “I was with my brother at school, and we always used to sing the song: ‘there is rustling along the clouds’. And at the same moment, at half past one, the terrible rustling of the bombs started. My brother protected me and then we went searching for our parents,” explains the man who was 8 years old at the time.

“It’s the only time I’ve been afraid of the war. We all lay on the floor in the hallway in case the bombs fell on our house. The bombs literally flew over our house,” said another eyewitness.

Other bombings

Other bombings that ravaged Eindhoven during the Second World War were also commemorated. “In total there were 421 civilian casualties with the most intense bombing one day after the liberation of Eindhoven,” said Sergio Derks of the Philips Museum.

“Welschap airport was also occupied by the Germans and was bombed four times during World War II. Civilians and soldiers who died here fell on both sides. All victims are commemorated at this commemoration, but especially the disastrous consequences for Eindhoven and its inhabitants,” said Derks.

Translated: Yawar Abbas

Source: Studio 040

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