Queen Máxima visits VDL

Queen Maxima visits VDL Photo credit: Studio40

Queen Máxima visited Eindhoven on Tuesday. Together with dozens of employers, she visited VDL Groep for a plan to help employees with debts.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Eindhoven company VDL was the location for an action meeting for the National Coalition for Financial Health, organized by SchuldenlabNL, VDL and several other companies. Half of the households with debts have a breadwinner who works at a company. It is often difficult for employers to recognise who has these financial problems.

“My secretary couldn’t get a mortgage, so I looked into it,” said the Queen during a speech. “I thought, that’s not possible, is it? If it’s like that with her, it must be even worse with so many people”.


Inflation and high gas prices are causing more and more people to experience financial difficulties. It is difficult to talk about this and therefore difficult for employers to do something about. “You really have to communicate well with each other and make the subject a topic for discussion,” says Jennifer van der Leegte of VDL Groep. The actions they take to help their employees are shared with the other employers.

Queen Máxima also believes that more should be done about the problems. “It can take five years of financial hardship before people finally ask for help,” says Maxima. And meanwhile, the debts are piling up. That is a problem that needs to be acknowledged”. The coalition will require hundreds of employers to come up with a plan of action to improve the financial health of their employees.

Source: Studio040.nl
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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