Employees at Bijenkorf in Eindhoven to go on strike on Black Friday

Bijenkorf employees in Eindhoven to go on strike on Black Friday
Caption: Studio040

Staff at the Bijenkorf in Eindhoven will go on strike next Friday, on Black Friday. This is done out of dissatisfaction with the low salaries paid by the retail chain. So says Linda Vermeulen, union executive at FNV Handel.

Exactly how many people will lay down work Vermeulen does not dare to say. “But we had our first action in Eindhoven last week. About 30 people took part in that. That’s a good turnout but we hope more people from Eindhoven will join next week.”

Dissatisfaction with wages is also reinforced by price increases. “Everyone feels that everything is getting more expensive, but wages remain stagnant. That is why we now want at least a 10 per cent wage increase with a minimum wage of 14 euros an hour, rising along with inflation,” Vermeulen said.

In addition, the union woman reveals that she is not surprised that wages are lagging despite staff shortages. “Retail chains like Bijenkorf have only one goal, and that is to pay out as much money as possible to shareholders,” says Vermeulen.

Under pressure
“That while retail is among the worst-paid sectors. Shareholders, millionaires and billionaires, put pressure on the chains’ managements to rake in as much money as possible. That angers people. Because people work hard but see life becoming increasingly unaffordable. It is time for managements to start standing up for their staff,” he said.


Source: Studio040

Translated by: Simge Taşdemir


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