VDL collaborate with Eindhoven based company on artificial intelligence

VDL joins forces with VBTI Photo credit VDL courtesy Studio040

VDL and the Eindhoven-based VBTI are joining forces to work together in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

VBTI’s technology

VBTI’s technology collects data, which makes AI algorithms smarter. An example is the use of cameras equipped with this technology. Images are collected via the cameras, with which, for example, the best harvest time for vegetables or fruit is determined and predicted. Food production can thus be regulated more sustainably and efficiently.

Robotics for VDL

VDL finds the technology interesting and will therefore collaborate with VBTI. For example, the Eindhoven billion-dollar company has an agricultural robot that cuts cucumber plants, using VBTI’s artificial intelligence technology. With the help of data and algorithms, it is now clear where and when the leaves of the plant can be cut.

VDL has approximately 15,000 employees and is active in nineteen countries.

Source: Studio040.nl
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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