State forestry management wants to maintain heathland with grazing sheep

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Photo credit: Staatsbosbeheer/Eindhoven News Media Library

 A flock of  sheep will graze on the Cartierheide and other nature reserves in the area, says ‘Staatsbosbeheer’ (state forestry management).

With their grazing, the so-called Kempen heath sheep ensure that the vegetation on the heath is maintained. The sheep eat grasses and small trees so that higher plants  will not be able to establish a foothold on the heath.

That is good for the existing ecosystem, says Staatsbosbeheer. Animal species that are especially suited to a life on heathland can spread better over the area. These include the heather blue, the nightjar, the smooth snake and the viviparous lizard.

The owner of the sheep is landscape manager De Lachende Ooi. Forest ranger Erik Schram declares that he is happy with the arrival of the sheep. “It is a beautiful sight to see such a flock of sheep with shepherd and dog on the heath. Especially now the purple heather is in bloom”.


Translated: Yawar Abbas

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