PvdA is concerned about Brainport due to Russian ‘energy aggression’

Gas pipe bridge transporting Russian gas

In response to the European sanctions, Russia is increasingly turning off the gas tap towards Europe. In Germany, there is therefore a fear of an approaching recession. The forced closure of some industries may be there, the PvdA Eindhoven said in questions to the council.

The PvdA  want to know whether the municipality has mapped out what consequences the developments in Germany could have on the Brainport region.  Brainport is closely linked to its eastern neighbours from an economic point of view.

The PvdA also wants to know to what extent the municipality takes into account the fact that some sectors in Eindhoven may come to a standstill due to the problems on the energy market.


The faction also wants to know whether the municipality is taking measures to prepare households and companies for gas shortages in the winter or (even further) rising energy prices.

Source :Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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