High voltage grid to be expanded faster, Tennet puts its foor on the pedal

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TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator(TSO) with its main activities in the Netherlands and Germany. They are accelerating the extension of the high-voltage grid in Brabant. A number of projects are being brought forward. The high-voltage grid in our province is going to be  divided into areas. Additional high-voltage substations are to be built. They must ensure that the electricity can be directed to and from the national main grid.

Maximum capacity

When Tennet decided in mid-June not to connect any new companies to the electricity grid in Brabant and Limburg there was panic all around. Tennet could not help existing companies that wanted a heavier connection either. The high-voltage grid in both provinces is almost at the maximum capacity.

The demand for greater capacity of the national high-voltage grid is high. This is caused by the rapid development of the energy transition and further economic growth. The demand is also  growing due to the arrival of wind turbines, solar parks, charging stations, heat pumps and the sustainability plans of the industry. The capacity of the electricity grid must be doubled over the next ten years in order to meet the climate ambitions and the sharply increasing demand, says TenneT.

The investment plan presented on Tuesday contains an overview of major projects that TenneT will carry out or deliver in the coming years. The national grid operator is dividing the high-voltage grid into five sub-areas. Geertruidenberg, Tilburg Noord, Eindhoven and Boxmeer will have an extra docking station for this purpose.

Tripling capacity

Dividing the long high-voltage cable into sections will ensure a better routing of electricity  to and from the national main grid. In many places, this triple the capacity. There are currently major problems with the return of electricity over the cables. In future, the surplus power can more easily go to such a coupling station.

Acceleration plans

In addition, a number of large projects are brought forward. For example, the expansion of the capacity at Geertruidenberg will be accelerated. The new high-voltage substation at Tilburg will be built earlier. The expansion at Eindhoven will be completed earlier. These three projects should be completed in 2025 instead of 2028.

Special Coordinator

Energy minister Rob Jetten appointed Ben Voorhorst as special coordinator. He will address the capacity problems in Brabant and Limburg. He will work with the central government, the provinces and the network operators to speed up (planning) procedures. This is crucial for the business climate and the sustainability plans in both provinces.

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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