Gloomy prospects for home care for the elderly this summer

Picture credit- Eindhoven Library

KBO-Eindhoven sounds the alarm about the state of care for elderly people living at home. Many seniors, especially the terminally ill, do not get the help they need, according to chairman Trudy van Helmond of the Eindhoven interest association for seniors.

“The situation is dire.”

Complaints are pouring in at KBO about the lack of care during the holiday period. These complaints concern personal care as well as nursing care and domestic help. This problem is not only an issue in Eindhoven but also in the entire province. That is why the coordinating KBO-Brabant has sent a fire letter. “It is a cry for help to draw attention to the distressing situation,” says Van Helmond.

Terminal elderly

The ailing elderly people are affected by the lack of home care personnel this summer. The terminally ill in particular would be affected. “Then it concerns people who have not yet had a statement that they only have a few months to live,” explains the chairman. “You would think that it is a result of staff shortages since someone who is terminally ill needs a lot of help. But that is not the case. Care for a seriously ill person without a statement costs a lot of money for a healthcare institution.”


A solution to the problem is not yet in sight. “I call ten different healthcare institutions, but then I am told that I have to try again a month later.” That is why the volunteers of KBO are rolling up their sleeves. For weeks, people are looking for alternatives, such as uncontracted care providers who can provide the care. This is expensive for the clients because seniors with a small budget also have to pay 20% of the healthcare costs. “And that is quite huge,” says Leo Bisschops, chairman of KBO-Brabant.


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