Fifty corona patients in hospitals in the Eindhoven region

MMC hospital -Picture credit-Studio040

There are a total of fifty corona patients in the hospitals in the Eindhoven region.  Quite a bit more than a month earlier, however, there is only one patient infected by the coronavirus in intensive care.

Most corona patients are in the Catharina Hospital: 32. There are 16 and 2 people with COVID-19 in the Máxima Medical Center and the Anna Hospital respectively. The only corona patient in the ICU is in the MMC.

Although the figures seem high, the workload at the MMC is relatively low. Due to the holiday period, it is quieter than usual in the Máxima Medical Center, both in terms of staff and patients, the hospital said.

The situation is different in the Catharina Hospital. Although absenteeism among staff is decreasing, the emergency room is particularly busy and the hospital is full, according to the spokesperson.

Face mask

That does not mean that corona is no longer visible in hospitals. On the contrary, at both the Catharina Hospital and the Máxima MC, face masks are offered to visitors to the nursing ward. In treatments where one and a half meters away cannot be observed, mouth caps are offered, both to protect vulnerable patients and healthcare staff.

Although the mouth caps are not mandatory, Maxima hospital strongly recommends the use of masks. “Not everyone wears them as it’s not mandatory. However, you see that people do use them,” said the spokesperson.


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