Eindhoven to test new ‘smart’ lamps on Stratumseind

Futuristic lamps Stratumseind photo credit: Studio040

Two new lamps, somewhat resembling flying saucers, will hang over Stratumseind and Demer from this week. These smart lamps are capable of customization and need-based lightning.

They are hanging there as part of a test that the Municipality of Eindhoven is conducting and that should eventually be expanded across the entire city center. The colour and the  brightness of the lights can be adjusted ‘on the basis of needs’. Atmosphere and safety can be increased in this way, according to the municipality.

The light requirement in the city center often changes, according to the municipality of Eindhoven. “Pleasant around drinks time, festive on evenings out”, that’s how it sounds. Is it closing time? Then the light can be a lot brighter. “Shoppers, for example, get a different light scenario than strolling visitors during GLOW, or football fans during a championship party for PSV. The light can also adapt to the seasons or weather conditions,” the municipality reports.


Previous trials have shown the use of a lighting system to be effective in improving safety. These tests were conducted at Living Lab Stratumseind ​​2.0, among others. It must be said, though, that privacy watchdog Bits of Freedom was critical about these tests.

Underground network

Installing the smart light system is a complicated process, the municipality said. For example, an underground network must be constructed to be able to control the lamps. In addition, the lamps must be connected to each other in order to be able to play certain light programs synchronously.

That is why the municipality will not go further than the test with the two lamps for the time being. When the refurbishment of Stratumseind ​​is completed in 2023, more lamps will have been installed as well as the underground network, various light programs can be tested.

Source: studio040.nl

Translator: Yawar Abbas


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