Pakistani Brainport Community Eindhoven celebrated Eid festival with zest

Photo credit: Adeel Yaqoob

The Pakistani Brainport Community (PBC) organized the Eid festival in Eindhoven on Monday where a great number of Pakistani expats in Eindhoven participated with great enthusiasm.

The event was attended by approximately 250 Pakistani Expats living in and around Eindhoven. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the Eid-al-fitr festival with the whole community. A whole day fun and social program was arranged by the PBC Eindhoven, which comprises live music, karaoke, skits, kid games, family games and a lot of delicious food, especially sweets.

Photo credit: Adeel Yaqoob

It’s all about meeting, greeting and eating

Eid-al-fitr, the ‘festival of breaking the fast’, marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and is one of the most celebrated festivals in Pakistan. People get together, greet each other, share smiles and enjoy a luxurious feast.  There were smiles everywhere, “We needed this activity specially after COVID-19 when the need of togetherness and community was immensely felt” said event coordinator Amir Khalid.

Fun for Kids

For kids Eid is a very special day as they get a lot of gifts from family and friends. During this gathering there were special arrangements for kids such as games, drawings, gifts and songs. There were programs where kids performed different activities on stage.

Pakistani Brainport Community 

PBC is an initiative by the Pakistani expats living in and around Eindhoven. The purpose of this organisation is to facilitate Pakistani expats, organise social events and connect the community to the local authorities. There is already a PBC board in place to organise these activities. “The idea is to facilitate the community and make events like this Eid event more sustainable, so these activities go on” said the President of PBC, Qaisar Masoud. “Moreover, there will be a PCB social media platform where the Pakistani expats can post their issues and ask for help” added Masoud. There will be more such activities and initiatives in future.


By Yawar Abbas

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