Narrow escape for traffic controller after festival in Eindhoven

A traffic controller landed on the bonnet of a car after a driver ignored his signals, and was dragged along for some fifteen metres. 

The incident happened around 10:30 on Saturday on the Sumatralaan in Eindhoven, after the ‘Bontgenoten festival’. The traffic controller, who was on duty at the spot, noticed a motorist recklessly driving through the crowded street and on the cycle path. The traffic controller gave a stop sign but the driver ignored this made his way towards a street full of festival goers. In order to avoid any mishap, the controller stood in front of the car.

When the pedestrians were past, the driver just ignored the traffic controller and hit the gas. The traffic controller had to jump onto to the car bonnet in order to avoid being run over. He hung on to the bonnet for about fifteen metres before falling off when the car swerved, wherupon the motorist drove off at full speed. Luckily, the controller sustained only minor injuries.

The 27 year old offender from Eindhoven was arrested at his home that same evening. Nevetheless, the police are still looking for witnesses of the incident.


source: Studio040

translator: Sangeetha

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