Climate activists take action against TU/e and oil industry links

Picture credit: Extinction Rebellion

On Monday, activists of Extinction Rebellion and University Rebellion protested at the TU/e. They want an end to the continuous cooperation between the oil industry and the University of Eindhoven.

The climate activists want the TU/e to be transparent about its ties with the fossil industry in education and research. According to the activists, the fossil industry could hinder a rapid energy transition and promote injustice worldwide. The Netherlands must become climate neutral by 2025. That is why the activists want an end to ‘Big Oil’ because of their lobbying against a progressive climate policy.

In the eyes of the climate activists, the public is misled with misinformation and false promises by the fossil industry in their search for new fossil-based production and exploration methods. The TU/e also plays a role in this, according to Extinction Rebellion and University Rebellion.

TU/e and Shell

The university would help Shell find fuels, give multinationals space at career events, and ‘Big Oil’ would also influence extracurricular activities. Therefore, the activists want the TU/e to break all ties with such multinationals because they would put profit before people and nature.

This point of view was reinforced previously at a career fair at the TU/e. There were also demonstrations. The police detained one student for three days because she refused to identify herself. The Party of the Animals asked council questions about this, but the municipality of Eindhoven stated that it considered the police action to be proportionate.


Following that incident, Studio040 put several questions to the TU/e. The questions about the presence of Shell on the university campus, and whether this is desirable in light of the misinformation campaign that the company is conducting or has conducted on purpose, did not receive answers.

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan



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