Woonbedrijf completes 28 social housing units in old monastery

Woonbedrijf realised 15 social housing flats in the former St. Joseph convent on the Poeijerstraat. Following this project 13 social housing were built on the former site of the Finnish School.

The flats have been rented out to housing association ‘t Rondeel, to accomodate a tenants community. The members of ‘t Rondeel selected the co-tenants themselves. In the future they will also allocate  new homes to tenants when they become available.

Director of Woonbedrijf Ingrid de Boer says she is proud of the new homes. “We have added 28 social housing units at a beautiful location with a wonderful history. In association with the ‘t Rondeel housing association, Woonbedrijf has breathed new life into this location. As a result of this housing the community can live together sustainably and enjoy a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Sustainable dismantling

According to de Boer, the renovation was carried out in a sustainable manner. Initially, it was investigated whether the Finnish School itself could be converted into housing but this turned out to be unfeasible. “We made maximum use of all the building materials that were available at the location. The wood from the Finnish School was sustainably dismantled and largely reused as a communal bicycle shed.”

History of the building

The St. Joseph Monastery was built in 1956. In 2003, the Capuchin friars who had lived there since the late 1960s left. From 2004 to 2019, students lived in the houses. In 2021 the renovation started.

Source: studio040.nl 

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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