Ukrainian children already fully participating in primary school Het Palet

Image courtesy: Studio040-Pleun Wolters

19 Ukrainian children have already become fully involved in primary school ‘t Palet in Woensel-West. The school decided not to wait for the government and to take the initiative. 

With a refugee shelter 300 metres away from the primary school Het Palet, the school’s director Ruben Adriaans has been extremely proactive. Immediately after the carnival holidays, he paid them a visit, asking how he could help. His offer was immediately accepted and since then 19 children have been admitted to the school. “They fit right in from the start”, Adriaans says.

Additionally, two Ukrainian mothers, one of whom speaks quite good English, also started working at the school. They teach in Ukrainian twice a week and, help with translations. The mothers are happy that their children are in a safe and happy environment, among other children.

The school wants to set an example for other schools that are considering taking in Ukrainian refugees. “Many more children are coming and the government may already be making plans for schools. But it is not necessary to wait until then. We would like to show other schools how easy it can be and how it can lead to beautiful things”, says Adriaanse.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha


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